: One of the Nine. Ancient Avatara, and priest to Wyrd who wields Sky Dreams. 

Nelarn is the most ancient and the wisest of the Nine. He was there long before any of the others, and his wisdom was legendary. He lived upon the pinnacle of a mountain, where Earth met Sky and would permit men to come and ask him questions. But he dreamed of the coming of Balor, he disappeared and was not seen again. He was the first of the Nine to approach Alric, for he had seen that Alric was the only way to victory. Despite his power and wisdom, he agreed to bow knee to Alric. 

Powers Edit

Nelarn could fire a starbolt that blew up troops in a radius, he could rain stars down on troops causing their bodies to fall apart, he could command three giant stars to fall and blow apart any troops that came near him, his standard attack was a starbolt. He was the oldest of the Nine and did not fight in hand to hand combat. Nelarn could also cast the "shards" spell which created many white tains that destroyed the enemy.

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