Moagim also known as Tireces during the age of Reason was a host of the Leveler. Moagim was resurrected by Mjarin during the Wolf Age and was slain by Connacht who would later become another host of the Leveler. Moagim was drawn and quartered  by the soldiers of Llancarfan. He was burned, as to how Mjarin managed to resurrect Moagim is unknown, perhaps it was someone stealing his identity as it would seem unlikely that Mjarin could resurrect something that was completely destroyed. The fallen lord known as the Faceless Man may have stolen Moagim's identity and was empowered by Mjarin. The real Moagim however, was Tireces and he slew the Leveler and eventually became the Leveler himself. The Wolf Age Moagim is most likely a villain under the tutelage of Mjarin, he is widely referred to as Moagim2 since no one seems to know his true identity--outside of the Leveler himself.