Mazzarin was the greatest Avatara to ever live. He was head of the avataras in Murthimne and was responsible for casting out all the warlocks. Mazzarin eventually met his demise in a battle against The Watcher. The Watcher outnumbered Mazzarin drastically, and despite all the powerful magic Mazzarin possessed--he fell to the sheer quantity of warriors that The Watcher brought with him.  Mazzarin was eventually put to rest and buried in a tomb. He became a Shade and slumbered in Forest Heart. His final fate is not known, but he did aid Connacht, Damas, Ravanna, and Myrdred when they entered his tomb. 

Mazzarin is thought to have retained his sentient thought as an undead. Though his powers are a shadow of what they once were, Mazzarin is arguably the most powerful Shade in existence. Having power enough to even rival a Fallen Lord. Mazzarin also was a close friend and ally to the first emperor Clovis of the Cath Bruig Empire.  

Powers Edit

Mazzarin could utilize many dreams, he could haste himself, give an aura of defense, launch out spheres of green bouncing energy, cast mighty lightning bolts, unleash blade torrents (rain knives down on people), enchant his swords with electricity, cast the nova spell (exploding spell), release hundreds of firebolts (Fire Bloom), use dispersal dreams, use binding dreams, could blink/teleport, cast void spell (spell that stops enermies in their tracks, he could rain meteors down upon his foes, and he could do a storm cloud that damaged enemies and healed himself. Truly, he was the most powerful Avatara of all the ages!