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Myth II: Soulblighter LinksEdit


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Latest News:
Feb. 12, 2014: The Winter Series tournament is ramping-up right now

Documentation, Guides, TipsEdit

  • Myth Guides: Documentation, strategy guides, multiplayer tips
  • Myth Intro: An overall guide to getting into Myth

Support, Forums, CommunityEdit

Where To Get MythEdit

Additions For MythEdit

Games To WatchEdit

Links to interesting Myth game recordings or game videos

  • MWC broadcast videos: NewMutator has done "sports broadcasts"/commentary on the Myth World Cup tournament, Myth's major annual tournament
  • Most games played via the Gate of Storms metaserver are available here. Tournament games played via Gate of Storms are here
  • The Tain has an archive of films here

Articles To ReadEdit

Links to interesting Myth-related articles

  • Some interesting strategy articles are linked on this page

Various SitesEdit

  • Myth Dictionary
  • Battle Watch: Project Magma's TCP/IP game tracker, useful for arranging games if there's no active Myth multiplayer metaservers in operation
  • Myth Contains, among other things, a tour of solo levels & easter eggs, transcriptions of all narrations and dialogue, and a bunch of other miscellaneous tidbits
  • The Myth Graveyard: A HUGE archive of Myth content, preserving "lost" content, and mirroring some current content
  • H'Pak's Mything Links: A page of interesting links, created by the Order of H'Pak


Tournament sites tend to only be good during tournament time, although they may remain up and accessible and be interesting places to go to learn results, see videos, read discussions, etc.

Current TournamentsEdit

Past TournamentsEdit