Kyrilla was the manipulated sorceress in Myth II Chimera. She was lied to and deceived by the demon lord Cartucke. Kyrilla was the daughter of Kyrand, a mage that served under the Avatara order and fought with Fenris, Four Bear Silent Oak, and ne'Ric against Cartucke during the events of Myth 2 Soulblighter.

Kyrilla did not hold her father's amulet till much later. This was an instrumental item that allowed her to see the folly of Cartucke. Kyrilla then aided Fenris' party in defeating Cartucke one last time. Unfortunately, Kyrilla was turned to stone after facing the demon lord. However, as many plugins and abilities in Myth have shown, you can use healing to un-stone someone. Kyrilla could awaken from her earthy slumber, and if so, then she would join the forces of Light once again.

Kyrilla had red hair, was beautiful, and wore dark blue robes. Her frame was skinny and her attitude seemed that of a stuck up individual--no doubt a defensive measure implemented due to her father dying in her early childhood.

Powers Edit

Kyrilla, like her father before her, boasted many similar powers. Kyrilla could fire several mini lightning bolts at one opponent, she could teleport, shapeshift to look like other humans, become ethereal or send out an astral projection of herself, control wasps, and she later bore her father's amulet which gave her access to his memories. What powers Kyrand's amulet provided Kyrilla is unknown, but it did allow her to see her father's memories.