King Gilgamesh was the king of the city of Scales. He was a unique ruler and was said to have been made king due to his "spiritual find" in truth, Gilgamesh bore a magical lamp that controlled a genie which granted him extra strength, knowledge, and power to rule. Gilgamesh was an arrogant king who forgo any weapons to fight with his bare fists. He was empowered by his genie and could crush opponents with just his fists. Unfortunately, Gilgamesh was too arrogant against the Fallen Lords and was felled by the Faceless Man. With his dying words he granted his genie freedom, Enkidu then became ruler of the kingdom of Scales in his place.

Powers Edit

Gilgamesh would fight with his fists. He could take a lot of hits and boasted a lot of health. When he took injury, his skills in combat would increase--his melee potential became greater. Unfortunately, this didn't matter as the Faceless Man felled him anyways.

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