A fir'Bolg archer by Juan Ramirez

The Fir'Bolg are a humanoid race of forest dwellers.

The fir'bolg are expert archers and their skills with the bow were known by those who managed to dodge their arrows.

In the fir'Bolg's past, their original homeland was destroyed by the Trow who were cutting down the trees to feed their immense forges, scattering the fir'bolg across the world. Some moved into the unknown east while most retreated west, into the fertile Downs of the Cath Bruig empire. Unfortunately, the Empire didn't look kindly on this intrusion and after a series of bloody skirmishes, the fir'bolg migrated over the Cloudspine and into the Ermine, the great forest in the northern lands.

The fir'bolg settled into their new home, often clashing with the indigenous Bre'unor and disposing of anyone who intruded their territory.

While they were initially hostile to humans in their early days, they soon joined the Light during the Great War when they realised that they stood no chance against Balor on their own. Their archery skills proved instrumental in providing ranged support against the Dark.

After the Great War, they formed a permanent truce with the humans but, due to their great number of deceased, they swore never to fight outside their borders again. However, human archers who show promise are sent to one of their three war colleges for further training in the bow.

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