Enkidu was the freed genie of Gilgamesh. After Gilgamesh's death, Enkidu fought with the avatara and the west in hopes to defeat Balor and his undead hordes. Eventually the remaining warriors of the Province selected him to be their leader as Gilgamesh had no heirs to the throne. Enkidu, being the closest being to Gilgamesh accepted this offer and ruled over Scales. Unfortunately, Enkidu met his destruction at the hands of Soulblighter himself. Enkidu fought to preserve his people and his kingdom but was ultimately hacked down by the Fallen Lord.

Powers Edit

Enkidu bore two sabers in his genie form and could float like a souless. He could cast many spells, but was ultimately beaten and destroyed by Soulblighter. Enkidu was often known to summon a giant fist from the sky to crush his opponents, curious, this power hardly had any effect on Soublighter when cast at him. When fighting Soulblighter, Enkidu took the form of a satyr but still ultimately lost against Connacht's former champion.

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