The Nine were a group of mages/Avataras that were led by Alric. Among the most powerful were Rabican, Maeldun, Murgen, and Cu Roi. This group of mages stood up to the Fallen Lords and fought during the Great War. 

As far as Myth 2 Soulblighter is concerned--it is not known whether Alric replaced the Nine with other fellow heroes.

It is possible that many new members could have made up the Nine during Myth 2 Soulblighter events, such as Baeldun, The Deceiver, Albrecht, and quite possibly (if still alive) Avatara of the Wild, Durak. The story of Myth goes much deeper and detailed than what the journal entries show and these characters were likely candidates if Alric decided to reconstruct the power of the Nine. Whether he did this or didn't is based purely on speculation. 

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