(this topic isn't covered by the existing Myth Manuals)

Autohosting is a new feature added to Myth II by Project Magma in version 1.5.1. To autohost, when you're in a multiplayer room lobby, instead of clicking "New" to host a game, hold <shift> and the "New" changes to "Autohost".

In a "normal" hosted Myth game, the host running & setting up the game is there with you all the time, setting each game one at a time, probably playing alongside all of you, discussing what maps to play next, etc.

In an autohosted game, the host sets the game up to cycle through a list of maps and game types, and they can NOT play alongside you. They are locked as a neutral observer for the entire time the autohost is up. And they are always "ready". They may then leave the house, go do chores, email, whatever they feel like, while you're playing on their computer.

They cannot chat to you during the game, though they can watch it if they feel like. They can chat in-between games. They can also re-configure the game/list, skip to another game in the list, boot players, record the games, etc.

If the autohost allows teams, you can join the team of the autohost and that will let you observe the game without playing (or chatting).

Autobooting Players Edit

Be aware an autohost behaves differently than a hosted game. In a hosted game, if a player doesn't "ready up", the host has to wait until they do, or boot them. In an autohost, as soon as half the players "ready up" (min. of 2 players being "ready"), the autohost will countdown 30 seconds, then start the game. If you haven't readied-up by then (or don't have the right map downloaded for that game), the autohost will automatically boot you, and the game will start without you.

Autohosting Tips Edit

  • You may want to turn-down Myth's graphical preferences, to reduce the load on your computer. Lower resolution, set a low max FPS (15?), turn-off features, etc
  • So that people know what plugins your autohost demands, you may want to post them somewhere (such as in a forum), make a tinyurl that points to that post, then put that in the title. For instance, the title of my autohost is "Info"

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