Alric's Chosen were Alric's elite mages or warriors that fought beside him through all manner of enemies. This is set during the time of Myth IV Broken Cycle and is fanon that constitutes Alric's chosen warriors.

  • Alric (Emperor Avatara)
  • Vy'rony (Archer Queen)
  • Kyrilla (Sorceress Avatara)
  • Baeldun (Warrior Avatara)
  • Antero (Sage Avatara)
  • Rabican (Reborn Avatara)
  • Durak (Druid Avatara)
  • Albrecht (Dwarf King)
  • Tidal (Sea God)
  • Mazzarin (Shade Lord)
      • Other Notable Heroes of the Light
        • Garrick
        • Fenris
        • ne'Ric
        • Four Bear Silent Oak
        • Balin
        • Jari
        • The Journalist (Now a Heron Guard Hero)

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