Albrecht is the canonical King of the Dwarves. How long he has ruled and how old he is is unknown. Albrecht was presented with many unique inventions from Wehrfaktorie--and stated that guns would make a war too terrible to wage. This is an interesting quote given that the Dwarves fire cannons, throw cocktails, shoot mortar shells, etc.

Powers Edit

As a ruler, Albrecht possesses numerous items at his disposal such as exploding cocktails, mort shells, rifles, satchel charges, or melee weapons. He could probably go invisible as well, but his most probable ability were that of a forgemaster--he was probably the last of them.

What other magical artifacts and armor Albrecht had is unknown. But given that the Dwarfs forged some powerful weapons like the Tain--it is conceivable that Albrecht had artifacts and inventions that rivaled the destructive tendencies that Soulblighter yearned for, an item like the Maul of the Dwarf Kings.